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We offer Summer and Winter Leagues for all ages. If you are interested in joining a league please call 513-398-4956 and ask for Connie or Missy.


Monday:        Masoniters - 6:30pm

Tuesday:        Early Birds - 9:30am

                       Try-n-Strike - 6:20pm

Wednesday:    Suburbanettes - 9:30am

                      Mason Rollers - 9:30am

                      Executive Super - 7:20pm

Thursday:    Senior League - 10:00am

                     Mason Independents - 6:15pm

Friday:         Friday Night Four Play - 6:15pm

                     Mixed Nuts - 9:30pm

Saturday:    High School & Junior League - 9:30am

                    Sat Special Fun - 12:00pm

                    Great Balls of Fire - 2:00pm

                    Family & Friends - 5:00pm

                    Mason Goodtimers - 5:30pm

                    4th Saturday Mixed - 5:30pm

                    St. Susanna - 5:30pm

                    EO Sat Night Rookies - 8:30pm

Sunday:      Sunday Fellowship - 9:30am

                    Sunday Special Olympics - 12:00pm

                    Sunday Mixed Couples - 6:30pm



We offer fundraisers during the summer. If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser with us please give us a call at 513-398-4956 for rates and more information.

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